About Diversity & Inclusion

Mission Statement

Reed Smith LLP is a global relationships law firm. With offices spanning the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, we are an entity as diverse as the continents across which we practice and the clients that we serve. We recognize, however, that diverse structure alone does not define true diversity. Instead, at Reed Smith we strive to realize the true value of our constituents - attorneys, staff and clients - by fully integrating their unique talents and perspectives into every aspect of our business.  

Reed Smith's Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

At Reed Smith, our Core Values - Integrity, Quality, Teamwork & Respect, Performance, and Innovation & Improvement support our vision and drive our success. Our Diversity and Inclusion Initiative embodies each of these core values as we recognize that diversity at all levels of an organization is a true sign of a successful enterprise. Our priority is to recruit, retain and promote individuals not just without regard to their race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, veteran status or physical challenge, but because of these unique qualities and the value they bring to our organization and clients.

Our commitment manifests itself in the development of policies and best practices to promote diversity and to engage everyone in that endeavor. Several years ago we developed a firm-wide Diversity Committee to oversee the implementation of our initiative. Through our global growth, we recognized that diversity has different meanings and requires various strategies and sensitivities across our markets so we leverage the market-specific expertise of our colleagues concerning the mores and cultural norms applicable to their regions.

Reed Smith's commitment to diversity has resulted in a firm where principles of fairness and inclusion permeate our culture. To attract diverse candidates we instituted a national fellowship in the United State, have intensified our effort to build relationships with overseas universities with high ethnic minority populations, and partnered with organizations such as the London-based Black Solicitors Network and Stonewall and U.S. Based Minority Corporate Counsel Association and minority bar associations. We have developed work-life balance policies designed to ensure that availing oneself of alternative work arrangements does not eliminate you from advancement within the Firm. We have provided for domestic partner benefits and the "gross-up" pay benefit for our GLBT employees to mitigate the impact of federal law that treats money spent by an employee for his/her domestic partner's medical insurance as taxable income, while that paid for a spouse's medical insurance is not. We have a vibrant Women's Initiative Network (WINRS) to promote the successful development and advancement of our women lawyers, and are proud of our promotion of diverse lawyers to leadership positions throughout the Firm.

While we are proud of these accomplishments, we recognize that much work remains to be done. Reed Smith intends to remain aggressive in its endeavor to realize the full value of a diverse global workforce operating in an inclusive environment where all can excel. We remain devoted to strengthening our Firm through enhanced cultural competencies, enrichment and a commitment to equality and fairness and look forward to partnering with clients, colleagues, organizations and institutions to achieve our mission.

We are proud of the number of women, persons of color, lesbian and gay, and disabled lawyers spanning several generations who have attained leadership positions within the firm.  Among others, they include:

  • Executive Committee Members
  • Department and Firmwide Practice Group Leaders
  • Office Managing Partners
  • Initiative and Committee Leaders

Executive Committee Members

  • Colleen Davies, Global Head of Legal Personnel; Ex-Officio of Strategy and Talent Committees
  • Carolyn Duronio, Firm Secretary, Ex-Officio of Audit Committee
  • Kyri Evagora, Chair of Strategy Committee; Finance Committee
  • Diane Frenier, Market At-Large Representative; Chair of Finance Committee; Talent Committees
  • Denise Jong, Firmwide At-large Member; Audit and FinanceCommittees
  • Julia Krebs-Markrich, Market At-Large Representative; Finance and Talent Committees
  • Carol Loepere, Market At-Large Representative; Audit and Talent Committees
  • Carolyn Rosenberg, Market At-Large Representative; Chair of Talent Committee; Audit Committee
  • Tamara Box, Firmwide At-large Member, Strategy and Talent Committees

Department and Firmwide Practice Group Leaders

Office Managing Partners

Initiative and Committee Leaders

In today's global economy, a diverse workforce is imperative and it's the key to providing quality service to our clients.

Tyree Jones

Tyree is the Director of Diversity at Reed Smith. He joined the firm in 2003 and works from both the Washington, D.C. and San Francisco offices.